Not much time for flash

2010-06-08 18:19:22 by stian7

Working 8 to 4 every day don't leave much time for flash games when your work is design. Hoping you enjoy my little game selection.

Hohoho. Merry Christmas!

2009-12-02 11:17:03 by stian7

Merry Christmas!

Voyager breakout is becomming 1 year, and as a celebration of that I'm updating the game. I will call it Voyager Breakout 2 simply because it's gonna be some changes in format and everything.

Voyager Breakout 2 is comming up soon

Voyager breakout

2008-05-22 18:36:28 by stian7

I'm very happy for the result I got on Voyager Breakout. It seems it was game many liked. I will be a bit bussier in the future, but hope to make more games.

Thanks New Grounds for your comments!


2008-03-27 05:37:13 by stian7

Big flaw found in City Protector. No wonder people having second thoughts about this game. There is a null point exeption when the end screen is shown. I will fix this flaw as fast as possible.
The flaw was shown before I sat on a Windows machine because my mac fix the flaw during playing the game.

Sorry I uploaded a game with a flaw guys.

Hello newgrounds

2008-03-24 21:18:20 by stian7

As many, I have been a viewer and a player, but as I'm learning AS3 I'm beginning to become a user.
I find NewGrounds a wonderful place to spend my time. There are so much good stuff in here!

So hello NewGrounds! I'm Stian from Norway and hope that I'm welcome here!